About Zoo2You events

Image of a Ganet Each Zoo2You presentation is approximately one hour in length and we have found that any household or venue can comfortably accommodate our show. We bring all animals in individual containers, and animals are taken out one at a time whereupon we will discuss each animal in a way that reflects the age of our audience. We may include such topics as country of origin, habitat, defense mechanisms, diet, reproduction, and social habits.

Roo the kangaroo hanging out with some kids The average Zoo2You presentation consists of about 5-7 reptiles, 1-2 amphibians, 2 arthropods, and 3-4 very exotic mammals. To further the quality of our presentations, we also include the use of educational tools such as large photos and museum-quality bones, skulls, and tortoise shells. For schools and other large venues, it can be arranged that we incorporate our 'theatre-size' PowerPoint presentations: with accompanying music and sound effects, there is an opening slide show, ongoing pictures and diagrams through the show to help clarify what we teach, and then a fun and original Zoo2You video that is sure to leave your audience with ear-to-ear smiles.

Sugar glider getting attention at a party! Because our animals are completely tame and friendly, we allow the audience to touch and/or hold almost all the animals...it is here where a truly special bond takes place between the audience and our animal ambassadors. For us it is a true joy to see the wonderment and smiles that light up the audiences' faces upon making such a connection with these beautiful animals.

Alligator skull There is no mess with a Zoo2You presentation and we will leave the area as clean as when we arrived. You may also take all the photos you wish during the show!

Zoo2You presentations are appropriate for ages 2-100!