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Red-Eye Tree Frog

Red-eye tree frog Image Simply the world's most beautiful and elegant frog. This small amphibian will dazzle your crowd with its incredible color and huge red eyes.

White's Tree Frog

White's tree frog Image 'Gummy-Bear' is one cute frog. Kids enjoy holding him and feeling his round sticky pads. He also demonstrates how good those pads work - he climbs walls and even glass.

Smokey Mountain Frog

Smokey Mountain Frog Image A very cool frog. "Smokey" will demonstrate his great jumping ability, and will show how he can play dead.

Giant Marine Toad

Giant Marine Toad Image The world's largest toad! With huge marble-size eyes and impenetrable defense mechanism (we'll tell you about it during the show!), this gentle giant is a crowd favorite. In the picture you see here, he is sitting on a full-size dinner plate!