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Dama Wallaby

Wallaby Image Bottle fed by us from a baby the size of a softball, "Roo" is as sweet as can be and will hop around any room to the delight of your audience. She may even stop for a drink from her bottle.

Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Image Fennec foxes are from Africa and are the smallest foxes in the world. They are a bundle of nonstop energy and love the shows. Though "Sylo" tops out at just under 3 pounds, her ears are almost 7 inches long! Can you say cute?


Kinkajou Image Also called Honey Bears, "Mango" and "Oliver" are little clowns that look like a cross between a monkey, a lemur and a cat. They love to hang by their prehensile tails and have a treat marshmallow during the show. At home they love to rearrange the house and pull keys off our computer!

African Bushbaby

Bushbaby Image "Poco" is a primate that closely resembles a Lemur, but is much more docile and easy going. His huge eyes allow him to see well in the dark and his tiny hands (complete with long little fingers and opposable thumbs) give him the dexterity to snatch insects from the air. He's undoubtedly the best climber in the animal kingdom and clears open areas on the ground by hopping like a kangaroo.

Tamandua (lesser anteater)

Tamandua Image "Tammy" is the most unusual animal you will ever see. With her looong snout, 16 inch tongue and adorable little ears, she looks like a big teddy bear as she cuddles in our arms or licks honey from fingers.


Genet Image Is that an ocelot? Lemur? Baby cheetah? No, it's "Persia", our bottle raised genet. Genets are small tree-dwelling carnivores from Africa. With her pointed, fox-like face, long spotted body, and elegant ringed-tail, Persia's beauty simply astounds and will leave your audience in a hush.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar Glider Image These adorable little animals are marsupials from Australia. They have a gliding membrane from their upper wrists to their back legs that allows them to open up like a kite and glide from tree to tree. They will delight your audience as they scamper out in anticipation of a yogurt treat - they love the show more than us!


Chinchilla Image Want to pet the world's softest animal? "Poncho" is a rare, pure white chinchilla that will have your crowd oowing and awhing as they feel his plush coat. Then watch as he takes a dust bath to freshen his fur after being touched by us humans - don't take offense!

Holland Mini Lop Rabbit

Mini Lop Rabbit Image "Ocin" is just perfect for the younger crowd and will lounge around to be petted and fawned over.