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Ball Pythons

Ball Python Image "Rios" and "Rios junior" are beautiful, medium-size snakes that both parents and children love to hold. Perfect for starting off our shows.

Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor Image Take a picture with one of the world's largest, and most well-known snakes around your neck.

Burmese Python

Burmese Python Image One of the true giants of the snake world. "Jigsaw" tops out at over 11 feet and has another 9-10 more feet to go! Gorgeous, gentle, and loves to be held for group photos.

Crested Gecko

Gecko Image "Spade" is the cutest little lizard you will ever meet. A real performer, this little gecko will demonstrate his incredible jumping ability, climb glass, and then clean his face with his long, puppy-like tongue. A total show off.

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Tegu Image Though one of the world's largest lizards, "Diesel" is as placid as can be. Feel his smooth, beaded scales and watch his massive forked tongue slither in and out of his thick jaws. In fact, get a "lizard lick" on the cheek to really get your audience laughing.

Blackthroat Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard Image The Blackthroat Monitor is one of the world's largest lizards. In fact, at six and a half feet, our giant is a virtual mid-sized Komodo Dragon look-alike, and indeed one of its closest relatives. But appearances can be decieving - "Godzilla" is as docile as a puppy!

Sulcatta Tortoises

Tortoise Image The third largest in the world, this African tortoise is both beautiful and gentle. Kids love to gather around to touch and feed "Thomas"

American Alligator

Alligator Image "Bo" and "Beauford". Crocodilians have been on the earth for over 250 million years. See their prehistoric beauty. Feel their power. And learn the features that allowed them to outlive even the dinosaurs to become the earth's ultimate survivors.